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n. / səˈfistəˌ kit / a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture

… that’s who the co-founders of this site aspire to be.

Our jobs afford resources to live the good life, but leave little spare time to keep informed about it.

It shouldn’t be hard work to be at leisure. We figure it could be easier with a go-to site aggregating the best media in Style, Nightlife, Dining, Home and Travel.

Sophisticate aims to be that go-to resource to help you live the Good Life Better with:
  • articles from more than 330 trusted sources, including (inter)national authorities,
    leading media in select cities, popular sites, and award-winning and recommended blogs;
  • tools for browsing daily posts from more than 230 blogs and local sites; and
  • tools for luxury shopping in style and home, and for making reservations at fine restaurants.